Custom IVR creates a smooth call experience

With custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR), you can bridge the gap between your telephone and IT system to smooth out the customer experience.

Your business, your rules

Create a custom IVR mapping according to your rules to dynamically route calls to the right person. Using Caller Line Identification (CLI), the called number or the time of call, make sure it goes to the most appropriate agent. Prioritize important callers and manage your queue in real time.

Diagram of a woman using IVR menu

Get to know your callers

Welcome your users as if you’ve known them forever with personalized greetings. Before they’re connected, broadcast a message to your agent so they have all the information they need to address the call in context. Recognize second time callers and bring them straight back to the appropriate person. Enhance your existing database with statistics like who calls the most and for how long.

custom IVR - Diagram of an agent receiving information about a caller

Create richer call experiences with API integration

Enrich our API with customer data to make even smarter communication decisions. If you get a call from someone who's been to your website, track them via unique phone numbers attributed on the fly, combined with websession IDs. This way, you can review their journey through your website, their cart content and more. Keep track of your customers, whatever the channel.

custom IVR - Diagram of use of a click-to-call button