All-in-one phone marketing interface

Harness the potential of phone marketing with our hands-on web interface: broadcast voice messages, qualify databases and generate leads for your business

Broadcast personalized messages to a large audience

With CALLR, you can quickly reach thousands of prospects. Make your phone marketing even more effective: with TTS (Text To Speech) you can insert customized variables in your voice broadcast, including any entry you have in your database. If you want to make it even more personal, you can record your own message. Our interface can detect voicemail and broadcast messages straight to voicemail.

preview of SENDR's automatic callback feature for debt collection

Call automation and scheduling, without code

It lets you easily create and manage voice and SMS campaigns, no-coding skills required. It's built with many smart features to help you succeed, including: flexible scheduling options, unsubscriptions management, outbound IVR, or automatic redial if target was unreachable or busy to handle inputs from your prospects and react accordingly. Using IVR (press 1 ), you can prequalify calls.

SENDR do not call list management

Precise reporting to enhance your databases

Track your phone activity and its results meticulously. Our web interface helps you qualify your databases: all the reporting are built on the directories used for the campaign. Each of your campaign will help you know more about your prospects, so you can continously improve your marketing messages and get better results.

Preview of SENDR status report for debt collection

Reach the whole world and make it even smarter

As a carrier, we are able to ensure a flawless call quality, inbound and outbound for more than 200 countries thanks to our world-class infrastructure. Your phone marketing campaigns shouldn't stop at the border! Benefits from competitive pricing and go even further with our API which handles both voice and SMS: build a custom solution for yourself, if needed. CALLR's web interface and API are the marketers' best asset.

a world map with CALLR's data centers

See how convenient and easy to use our web interface is

The list of all your ongoing campaigns on the interface and their current status

Chose your recipients easily: upload an .xls file to our interface

Schedule campaign on specific days or timeline. Get reports on any email address

Easily create call scenarios (press X to...)

SENDR - Campaign listing SENDR - Chose target directories Scheduling option Outbound IVR Scenarios

Cost-efficient phone marketing campaign manager

I want to call in:

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Outbound (landline)

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Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager lets you integrate a full suite of Voice & SMS Automation into you business tools. Our API helps you build the campaign that you need with a few lines of code.


Shortcode and Long Virtual Number

For your business, you can choose between a shortcode (4 or 5 digits) and long virtual number for 2-WAY messaging. Local limitations may apply.

direct voicemail

Direct to voicemail

Leave a message on your recipient's voicemail without ringing their phone.

detect voicemail

Voicemail Detection

We detect voicemail so you can focus on calling people who are present and you can actually talk to.


Alerting vs Marketing Compliancy

We are compliant with rules applied by most countries in terms of whether the SMS is sent for notification or marketing purposes.


Multilingual Text-to-Speech (TTS)

We automatically transform a written script into an audio speech in multiple languages so you don't have to manage multiple audio recordings.


Call Recording

All calls can be recorded so you can keep record of conversations and improve quality of service.


Call Detailed Report (CDR)

We provide the calls' raw data: caller (CLI) and callee numbers, duration, who hung up, hangup cause code, cost of the call, etc.


DTMF (Dual-tone multi frequency)

We detect "Press 1" scenarios to help you build custom IVR.

Craft efficient phone marketing campaigns

Features callr-logo
Phone marketing web interface
CAN-SPAM and CASL compliant
Voice and SMS on the same platform
Call recording
Buy numbers in 50+ countries
Use your own phone numbers
Multilingual TTS with regional accents

Phone calls are familiar to everyone, and are the most reassuring and reliable way of communicating in emergency situations.

Vincent Kraus

Co-founder of SeniorAdom

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Carrier grade quality

As a carrier, we operate our own infrastructure and routes in Europe and an interconnection network with tier 1 carriers in the rest of the world. This ensures complete control over the quality of the traffic we provide for all our customers.

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Reliable partner

In 6 years, we've built and maintained a reliable and innovative worldwide network. Thanks to our efficient infrastructure and routing system, we’re able to offer both competitive pricing and premium quality.

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Global network

With points of presence around the world, reach more than 220 countries with unparalleled call quality. Break into new countries and smoothly scale up existing infrastructures with our powerful network.