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Business Lead enables small businesses to convert more calls into business with Callr

Communications technology provider uses Callr’s voice API to build reliability and agility into its inbound contact management and appointment setting solutions for SMBs and local businesses.

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Business Lead helps local businesses, such as car dealerships, real estate agents, banks, insurance brokers, restaurants, and others, offer better inbound customer experiences.

By enabling them to more effectively handle all their inbound contacts without the need for a dedicated team or a third-party call center, Business Lead helps its clients boost customer satisfaction and convert more calls into business.

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“We have worked with Callr since the beginning and our businesses have grown together. We appreciate their responsiveness and their ability to continue evolving their API.”

Yannick Fauchille

Co-founder of Business Lead


Scaling an interaction platform with voice and text

Business Lead identified SMEs as an underserved segment and set out to fill the gap. Its challenge was to create a solution that was simple and intuitive enough for small organizations to adopt – and also for their own customers to use – but reliable enough to fulfill its promise of simplifying all inbound interactions, on all channels, and at all times.

Small companies cannot afford the cost of and complexity of technical overhead. They require simple, effective, and, above all, reliable solutions. “What we deliver needs to work flawlessly, 100% of the time,” says Fauchille.

Business Lead started creating its solution in 2013 and has worked with Callr from the outset. It selected Callr's voice API for its ability to provide numbers on demand programmatically and to enable it to reliably scale its product’s communications workflows as it grew.

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“We have worked with Callr since the beginning and our businesses have grown together. We have a relationship of trust”»

Yannick Fauchille

Co-founder of Business Lead


Business Lead continues to pursue its product roadmap with Callr as it moves into new customer segments. Among its areas of focus are appointment setting and reminders using the SMS channel and enhanced call routing using the latest advances in real-time transcription. sThe company is also expanding its operations geographically, in the Benelux countries and much further afield in French overseas territories, where each time it benefits from the same technical quality of service and availability of numbers.


Ability to monetize more calls and offer customers improved interaction options -- Scalability, reliability and coverage to serve all its customer segments -- Long-term confidence in Callr to pursue its technical and business roadmap.

Big business customer care without the overhead

“The companies we work with typically have limited staff, time, and budget,” explains Fauchille. ”Every customer interaction must be valuable for both sides, and missed or mishandled calls lead to frustrated customers and lost revenue.”

Generating more revenue from lost calls

According to Fauchille, approximately 1 in 3 calls to small businesses goes unanswered. And even the best call centers only pick up 80% of calls. With Business Lead's solution leveraging Call’s programmable voice and analytics API, small businesses can confidently capture all inbound calls and inquiries across all their channels.


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