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Evolve call flows at the speed of business

With Callr, never again suffer the business consequences of forcing your team and partners to stick to an obsolete call scenario hardwired into your communication system. Business teams can easily create advanced AI-powered call scenarios without technical skills, enjoying the benefits of simple and low-code implementation.Business teams can easily create advanced AI-powered call scenarios without technical skills, enjoying the benefits of simple and low-code implementation.

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Callr Actions can connect to Bombora, Clearbit, Salesforce, HubSpot, and many more

Qualify Every Caller

As the phone rings, Callr low-code scenarios qualify the person on the other end of the line through real-time pings to the APIs of all popular CRM systems. Further qualification is possible through API calls into popular online data services.

Simple YAML code to describe your actions

Personalize Every Call

Callr low-code call scenarios are infinitely personalizable, and may include IVR, branched conditional paths, routing to any phone number, transfer to voicemail, discrete agent whispers, and follow-up via email or SMS.

Questions to AI in natural language

Gain Unlimited AI-Powered Insights

Using natural language prompts, business teams define which data they want the AI to extract from every conversation, including customer sentiment, intent, satisfaction, answers to qualitative or quantitative questions, and more.

Push insights everywhere

Push Insights Everywhere

All data captured by Callr - metadata, call tracking, transcript, voice file, and of course new AI-captured insights - is instantly loaded into your CRM, Analytics or Business Intelligence system.

Build your actions visually

Design, Publish, Test, Improve

Cloud-based, the Callr communication platform lets you instantly publish new inbound and outbound call scenarios with no need to set up any software or phone technology. You can create scenarios in minutes, test them, and perfect them on the fly.

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Key Benefits


Evolve calls rapidly

Rapidly evolve call scenarios with our low-code capabilities in just hours, not months, perfectly tailored to your business needs.


Maintain momentum

Maintain momentum through long-haul discussions with automatic email and SMS notifications that help cement the gains made through in-voice conversation.


Enhance customer knowledge

The Callr AI captures valuable insights that enrich customer knowledge. Every call presents an opportunity to identify new needs, detect dissatisfaction, and gauge purchase intentions.


Elevate agent performance

Leverage insights extracted from the AI-powered analysis of all your calls to train and enhance the performance of your agents.


Drive KPIs to new heights

With the wealth of customer insights at your disposal, you can develop superior products, fine-tune personalized communications, amplify sales, and deliver exceptional service.

Data in cloud

Free agents from data entry

Automatically capture data that was previously painstakingly entered manually by your agents.


“ We need to show clients how many inbound calls come from Zenchef. With Callr, that’s easy, with no time wasted on manual processes. ”

Bien’ici, Meilleurs Agents, BureauxLocaux, Homebox, TotalEnergies, OptimHome, CapiFrance, TRYBA, BlueSolutions Bien’ici, Meilleurs Agents, BureauxLocaux, Regicom, Homebox, TotalEnergies, CapiFrance, OptimHome, Solera, ParuVendu.fr, BlueSolutions, Tousfacteurs, VELUX, Quotatis, TRYBA, OLVO

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