The complete view on conversations.

The Callr platform's state-of-the art AI capabilities extract unlimited data from every conversation. And our advanced call tracking capabilities deliver a comprehensive, integrated overview on every conversation, from origin to outcome, with voice-stream analytics that make calls as intelligible as clicks.

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Call Tracking
Call Flows

Gain Unlimited AI-Powered Insights

Using natural language prompts, business teams define which data they want the AI to extract from every conversation, including customer sentiment, intent, satisfaction, answers to qualitative or quantitative questions.

Call Tracking

Advanced Call Tracking

Our detailed metadata (CDR) shows everything from time of day, to type of call, region, and critical performance indicators. And with features such as call whispers, sellers get the context of the incoming call every time they pick up the phone.

Push insights everywhere
Conversation Intelligence

Push Insights Everywhere

All data captured by Callr - metadata, call tracking, transcript, voice file, and AI-captured insights - is instantly loaded into your CRM, Analytics or Business Intelligence system.

Key Benefits


Enhance customer knowledge

The Callr AI captures valuable insights that enrich customer knowledge. Every call presents an opportunity to identify new needs, detect dissatisfaction, and gauge purchase intentions.


Drive KPIs to new heights

With the wealth of customer insights at your disposal, you can develop superior products, fine-tune personalized communications, amplify sales, and deliver exceptional service.


Elevate agent performance

Leverage insights extracted from the AI-powered analysis of all your calls to train and enhance the performance of your agents.


Bridge clicks and calls

Take advantage of Callr’s advanced call tracking to gain a comprehensive view of your conversion funnels spanning online interactions and phone conversations.

Data in cloud

Free agents from data entry

Automatically capture data that was previously painstakingly entered manually by your agents.


Continuously enhance insights

By defining the data you want the AI to extract from calls through natural language prompts, you gain the ability to quickly test new prompts and enhance the captured insights efficiently.

Find out why Callr is the perfect fit for your platform.

The flexible Callr API is tailor-made to integrate with any platform. Detailed SDKs and clear tutorials make it easy to embed click-to-call functions on your site, or build perfect customer journeys with advanced call flow. Find ready-made recipes for your use case, then deploy worldwide, with phone numbers in 70+ countries.

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“ We need to show clients how many inbound calls come from Zenchef. With Callr, that’s easy, with no time wasted on manual processes. ”


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