The complete view on conversations.

Measure and monetize the calls that come through your platform with call tracking and conversation intelligence. The Callr platform delivers a comprehensive, integrated overview on every conversation, from origin to outcome, with voice-stream analytics that make calls as intelligible as clicks – and just as valuable to your business.

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Call Tracking
Call Tracking

Advanced Call Tracking

Call tracking gives you and your customers real-time insight into the customer journeys that drive your business. By assigning unique phone numbers to ads and other lead sources, companies pinpoint precisely where a prospect is calling from. That’s what makes call tracking an essential tool for proving the value of your platform to everyone from sellers, agents, and brokers, to sales teams and franchise networks.

Our detailed metadata (CDR) shows everything from time of day, to type of call, region, and critical performance indicators, so you can see at a glance what brings business to your marketplace or portal. And with features such as call whispers, sellers will know where leads are coming from, every time they pick up the phone.

Call Flows

Conversation Intelligence

Understand the conversations that drive business on your platform with Call’s dynamic AI. What are customers looking for? What makes them happy? Why do they call? How can sellers seal the deal? Gain deep insights into key conversations with intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards that make insights available to everyone on your team.

Callr creates structured, searchable call transcriptions based on the real terms people use in your industry, pulling out keywords rated by accuracy. Our automated recording covers both speakers and meets compliance requirements wherever we operate, while sentiment analysis shows you the positive and negative aspects of conversation at a glance, giving unprecedented insight into the calls that make a difference.

Key Features


Maintain momentum

Maintain momentum through long-haul discussions with automatic email and SMS notifications that help cement the gains made through in-voice conversation.


Support your brand

Raise awareness of your services for professional sellers with call whispers that let them know where leads are coming from.


Join the conversation

Provide click-to-call and call orchestration features that protect privacy for both parties, and make your marketplace or portal an indispensable part of the transaction.


Integrate with ease

Build Callr into your stack with extensive documentation, an array of SDKs, and detailed tutorials. Get up and running fast with ready-made recipes created for a range of use.

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Harness data

Improve CX, drive conversions, and resolve disputes with detailed insights and analysis on conversations. Provide sellers with the data they need to understand caller intent, log call outcomes, and train agents.


Rock-solid service

As a registered carrier we have direct fiber interconnection with carriers worldwide. Combined with our round-the-clock customer service, we ensure rock-solid service, wherever you do business.

Find out why Callr is the perfect fit for your platform.

The flexible Callr API is tailor-made to integrate with any platform. Detailed SDKs and clear tutorials make it easy to embed click-to-call functions on your site, or build perfect customer journeys with advanced call flow. Find ready-made recipes for your use case, then deploy worldwide, with phone numbers in 70+ countries.

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“ We need to show clients how many inbound calls come from Zenchef. With Callr, that’s easy, with no time wasted on manual processes. ”


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