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How Bien’Ici Uses Callr's API to Streamline and Monetize Property Leads

Property portal Bien’ici uses call tracking powered by Callr’s API to create a more engaging customer experience

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The story

Bien’Ici is France’s third largest property portal and highest-rated property app.

The platform was launched in 2015 by a consortium of industry associations, networks, property development and property management companies. Its twin goals: to create a one-stop-shop to simplify the experience of buying, renting or investing in a home, and to offer its professional members an agency-owned alternative to a historic duopoly of real-estate classifieds media.

Bien’ici stands out for its immersive experience. It is the only property portal to provide a 3D map of the whole of France, which enables users to geolocate their property and visualize it in its neighborhood and surrounding amenities (such as schools, stores, transport, and commuting times). The site receives over 15 million visits each month and serves over 12,000 professionals.

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Call tracking is greatly appreciated by our clients. It's increased awareness of our brand and the trust that our clients have in our services.

Dassin Bidouzo

Chief Digital Officer at Bien’Ici


Bridging digital and physical relationships with call tracking

Relationships are at the heart of real estate. And at Bien’Ici, call tracking, powered by Callr’s communications API, helps bridge the gap between the digital and physical customer journey and fosters the relationships essential for high-consideration transactions.

“Call tracking creates value for all parties. IIt allows brokers to easily link listings with a phone number and enables buyers to quickly get in touch. The Bien'Ici brand is mentioned at the start of each call, which keeps us top-of-mind with our clients,” says Bidouzo.

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“It’s a powerful way to brand our leads.”

Dassin Bidouzo

Chief Digital Officer at Bien’Ici


Bien’ici was the first property portal in France to offer call tracking as a feature. As the platform has grown rapidly since its creation, the demands on its call tracking system have also increased. Callr has been there to provide expert guidance and ensure that the call tracking solution consistently performs at scale.<br><br>Properly managing the availability and assignment of tracked numbers is essential for accurately attributing calls while controlling costs. It's important to strike the right balance between having enough numbers available and having to reuse them too quickly.

Scaling consistently

“When the time was right, Callr was able to obtain a dedicated block of 100,00O numbers from the regulatory authority for us,” says Bidouzo.

Call tracking: a powerful tool

"We've found Callr's API easy to integrate, and their team has been very responsive to our needs," says Bizouzo. "Call tracking is greatly appreciated by our clients. It's increased awareness of our brand and the trust that our clients have in our services."

Revealing the true ROI of connections

Bien'ici employs over 50 field sales reps who have direct contact with clients. Call tracking is an important tool for these reps as they communicate with clients and address objections. Bizouzo notes, "the metrics enable us to convincingly demonstrate the value of our services and the worth of the leads we provide. It's a powerful sales tool for us."


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