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Delivery services and logistics are growing at the speed of e-commerce. In this intensely competitive arena, companies need to ensure customer satisfaction as they coordinate complex networks of delivery personnel and meet razor-thin margins. All in real time.

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Make the right call

Callr provides a real-time communications platform that keeps complex systems running smoothly. Connect throughout the customer journey with automated SMS notifications, from order confirmations and reminders, to arrival ETAs. Trigger notifications based on order status, time and GPS location to increase successful deliveries.

Drivers, cyclists, and delivery personnel need to communicate real-time information, but cannot use devices while on the move. That makes SMS an essential component in coordinating deliveries. Leverage that SMS data to collect data about your routes, measure KPIs, send invoices, and improve service.

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Your ideal Voice API

Our API closes the gaps in your coverage of the customer journey, giving you a complete, integrated view of your market. It integrates easily with your tech stack, while strong connections with telecommunications infrastructure deliver rock-solid service, making Callr the preferred choice for leading real-estate platforms, including Meilleurs Agents, Bien'Ici, and ParuVendu.

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Prove value

Demonstrate ROI to professionals with advanced call tracking.

Track transactions

Track Follow the full customer journey across weeks or months.

Understand customers

Recognize sentiment with conversation intelligence tools.

Increase conversions

Boost engagement and help seal deals with prompts and notifications.

Key Benefits


Maintain momentum

Maintain momentum through long-haul discussions with automatic email and SMS notifications that help cement the gains made through in-voice conversation.


Support your brand

Raise awareness of your services for professional sellers with call whispers that let them know where leads are coming from.


Join the conversation

Provide click-to-call and call orchestration features that protect privacy for both parties, and make your marketplace or portal an indispensable part of the transaction.


Integrate with ease

Build Callr into your stack with extensive documentation, an array of SDKs, and detailed tutorials. Get up and running fast with ready-made recipes created for a range of use.

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Harness data

Improve CX, drive conversions, and resolve disputes with detailed insights and analysis on conversations. Provide sellers with the data they need to understand caller intent, log call outcomes, and train agents.


Rock-solid service

As a registered carrier we have direct fiber interconnection with carriers worldwide. Combined with our round-the-clock customer service, we ensure rock-solid service, wherever you do business.

Solutions by Role

Find out what Callr can bring to your role. Whether it's delivering unprecedented insight into customer journeys or delivering intuitive tools for analytics, the Callr platform has something to help you improve performance, innovate fast, and give your business a competitive edge.

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