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Zenchef proves value to paying customers with call tracking

Zenchef uses call tracking to monetize leads and demonstrate ROI for its customers

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Zenchef helps over 3,000 restaurants worldwide attract customers and increase loyalty. Restaurant teams have enough on their plate with everyday management tasks, so the one-stop marketing SaaS solution does everything from handle reservations and client feedback, to updating social network pages.

The key Zenchef promise is to bring in more customers for its users. "It's vital for us to prove to the restaurants we work with that we generate inbound calls for them" explained Julien Balmont, Co-founder and CTO of Zenchef. "And the only reliable way to do that is through call tracking."

Zenchef uses call tracking to optimize leads and prove ROl to customers, and then goes further, deploying the Call API to gather client reviews, manage reservations - even chase invoices.

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We need to show clients how many inbound calls come from Zenchef. With Callr, that's easy, with no time wasted on manual processes.

Julien Balmont

Co-founder & CTO of Zenchef


Monetizing leads & building the brand

Zenchef uses the Callr API to generate a unique phone number for each restaurant, which it posts on the restaurant's website, online ads, and social media pages. That means that when someone dials that number, Zenchef knows with certainty that the call came from its media.

At the restaurant, meanwhile, whoever picks up the phone hears a call whisper - a short, pre-recorded message - before the call is connected that reinforces the lead's origin with Zenchef. It may even give additional information about the customer on the phone, helping restaurants deliver a more personalized, efficient experience.

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"We tried two other SMS solutions before Call. but the APIs were complex to integrate and there were a lot of technical glitches. Callr's API is clear, and integration was quick and eas. We've never had any technical problems."

Julien Balmont

Co-founder & CTO of Zenchef


Zenchef use Callr to manage bookings by SMS, with messages containing reservation details and prompts to leave a review. And beyond helping restaurant teams, Callr relieves an everyday headache for Zenchef itself. “SMS through the Callr API is the most effective way for us to contact clients who aren’t up to date with their payments,” adds Julien.

Reinforces the platform brand

Call whispers and call tracking help clients understand the value of Zenchef services.

Effective invoice chasing

Automated SMS messages are “the most effective” way to chase unpaid invoices and pursue payments, according to the team.

High weekly traffic

Zenchef uses the Callr API for 2,000 phone numbers, 15,500 inbound calls and 7,600 SMS each week.


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