Seamless integration with your platform.

The Callr API is built to integrate with ease into any platform, from online marketplaces to business portals. Detailed documentation and the full range of SDKs make it simple and fast to fit Callr into existing solutions. While its robust reliability and developer-friendly interface make it an ideal foundation for new products and services that put you ahead of competition.

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Numbers Worldwide
Numbers Worldwide

Numbers Worldwide

Order up numbers at speed for your marketplace or platform, then assign them with the click of a button, either as individual numbers, or as a pre-ordered pool, ready to deploy.

  • Choose number types, including premium, vanity or toll-numbers.

  • Select geographic location down to the area-code level.

  • Enjoy fully-compliant coverage in 70+ countries.



Embed click-to-call features with ease to put your platform at the center of conversations. A click-to-call button makes outbound calls to two or more parties, then connects them through your platform, keeping you in control.

  • Deploy anywhere on your site with clear tutorials matched to your use case.

  • Give buyers and sellers the privacy they need to make safe transactions, with options for masked numbers and anonymized calling.

  • Connect data from conversations to insights and analytics.

Call Flows
Call Flows

Custom Call Flows

Assemble call flows at speed for any customer journey, connecting the full range of Callr components to improve buyer experiences and help sellers close the deal.

  • Deliver value-add functions, such as call whispers and direct to voicemail.

  • Set up webhooks to trigger SMS and voice messages.

  • Personalize the treatment of incoming calls.

API Integration
API Integration

API Integration

Deploy the ideal setup from day one, with packaged and fully documented recipes specifically designed for marketplace platforms and business portals.

  • Integrate fast with SDKs for all major languages.

  • Operate without additional infrastructure using serverless scripts.

  • Innovate with confidence on a robust, developer-friendly API.

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Python Java Android Apple

Key Benefits


Maintain momentum

Maintain momentum through long-haul discussions with automatic email and SMS notifications that help cement the gains made through in-voice conversation.


Support your brand

Raise awareness of your services for professional sellers with call whispers that let them know where leads are coming from.


Join the conversation

Provide click-to-call and call orchestration features that protect privacy for both parties, and make your marketplace or portal an indispensable part of the transaction.


Integrate with ease

Build Callr into your stack with extensive documentation, an array of SDKs, and detailed tutorials. Get up and running fast with ready-made recipes created for a range of use.

Data in cloud

Harness data

Improve CX, drive conversions, and resolve disputes with detailed insights and analysis on conversations. Provide sellers with the data they need to understand caller intent, log call outcomes, and train agents.


Rock-solid service

As a registered carrier we have direct fiber interconnection with carriers worldwide. Combined with our round-the-clock customer service, we ensure rock-solid service, wherever you do business.


“ We need to show clients how many inbound calls come from Zenchef. With Callr, that’s easy, with no time wasted on manual processes. ”


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