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*All rates are tax-excluded. Some destinations have specific rates. € = EUR, $ = USD.
Minimum charge of one minute. Volume and usage based discount apply.

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  • Is there a minimum contract period? Can I try CALLR for free?

    CALLR is subscription-free. You only pay for what you use and can leave at any time. Any account created is given free credit to easily test our services with no strings attached (no credit card required).

  • What payment methods are supported?

    We offer two payment options: prepaid and postpaid. Prepaid customers charge credit to their account that they can later user for our services. Postpaid customers receive a bill amounting to the monthly consumption at the end of each month. All customers are prepaid by default. We accept the following means of payment:

    Prepaid: Credit card, wire transfers,

    Postpaid (monthly billing): direct debit, wire transfers.

  • What types of discounts are available?

    Our pricing structure is designed to be clear and easy to comprehend while rewarding large volume and recurring customers. To that end, we offer two types of discount:

    Volume-Based Discount: large-volume customers automatically benefit from discounted prices based on their usage volume.

    Recurring Customer Discount: If you have continuous and predictable needs, feel free to reach out to our sales team to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

  • When will I receive my bill? What does it include?

    You will receive your bill at the beginning of every month. It presents your monthly consumption in detail. The total amount present on the bill is your total monthly consumption. Prepaid customers also receive a receipt every time they charge their account.

  • What does billing per second mean?

    All prices are displayed per minute as a standard. But we charge per second. For example, if you make a phone call of 1 minute and 23 seconds, you will be charged for 83 seconds – nothing more.

  • With automated SMS concatenation and encoding, how do I know how much I will pay?

    SMS have a standard limitation of 160 characters. When you send longer messages, CALLR automatically concatenates them (merges them together) so that the recipient only receives one message even if it’s longer than the length of one SMS.

    If you are using standard characters (full list available here), CALLR will use the GSM encoding. If your message contains special characters (like ç or ñ), it will switch to Unicode encoding.


    Depending on the encoding, the maximum length of one SMS varies:


    If your SMS is GSM encoded:

    Any text below 160 characters will be counted as one SMS

    For texts longer than 160 characters, one SMS will be counted every 153 characters (7 characters are used for smooth concatenation).


    If your SMS is UNICODE encoded:

    Any text below 70 characters will be counted as one SMS

    For texts longer than 70 characters, one SMS will be counted every 67 characters (3 are used for smooth concatenation).


    For example, if your message contains 235 characters, 2 SMS will be counted if it doesn’t contain any special characters (GSM) and 4 SMS if it does (Unicode).

    On SENDR, non-GSM characters will be converted to similar GSM characters when possible (for instance ê -> e).

    On our API, you can force a specific encoding, using the “force_encoding” option in the ‘SMS.options’ object: it will enable the automatic non-GSM character conversion. (ê –> e). More information on our API docs for SMS.

  • How do I credit my account?

    You can top up your account balance at any time on our web interface, paying with your company credit card. Just click on your account balance at the top left to get started. All credit card payments are secured using the 3D Secure protocol.