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Delving into telco infrastructures' nitty-gritty

Since the launch of our blog a year and a half ago, we’ve been covering diverse telco-related topics ranging from communications in the sharing economy to chatbots. We occasionally got technical with tutorials demonstrating exciting use cases of our API, yet always tried our best to keep it accessible to non-technical profiles.

Telephony is an exciting technical challenge, and the urge to delve into the nitty-gritty has been there for a while. We finally took the plunge: Florent, our CTO, launched a new platform to address the specifics of CALLR’s infrastructure. The sharing initiative branches further than just the approach: we will be open-sourcing some of our tools, starting with a Kamailio exporter for Prometheus.

While the web is all about sharing experiences, code snippets and solutions, the telco community tend to keep it to itself.

It’s a shame! The challenges faced by those who operate and maintain a telephony infrastructure are insightful to any dev facing scalability and latency issues. Indeed, telephony is unforgiving, as Florent states it:

In the telco world, latency is key. If your web app is overloaded and requests take 5s to reply, it sucks, but it still works. With a phone call, latency will eventually break up the line. A 250 ms delay is enough to make the line choppy.

It was about time we contributed to the community, so we’re thrilled to announce CALLR’s Tech Blog.

Dive in CALLR’s engineering efforts, technologies, and product development.