Voice API &
intel ligence.

From buying a house, to selling a car, the big decisions mean picking up the phone. Cover the complete customer journey with the Callr Voice API.

The preferred choice of leading marketplace platforms, our flexible API connects more than 2.5 million calls a day.

When it comes to connecting sellers with buyers, the most-valuable relationships often take place offline, whether over the phone or by SMS. That’s where many companies lose track of conversations and miss opportunities for growth. Callr delivers unprecedented insight into this key aspect of your business, with a feature-rich Voice API that seamlessly integrates into your stack.

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Deep insight
into every call

Draw the same data from calls as you do from clicks, with all-in-one voice stream analytics that build value for your platform. Understand every call, from the origin of the lead to when, where and how it converts. Then see inside the calls themselves, with AI for sentiment analysis, trend recognition, and more.

Conversation Intelligence


Spot trends at a glance, understand sentiment, improve user experiences, and optimize performance with easy-to-use, intuitive analytics.

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Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Prove the value of your services to the people who use your platform, reinforce your brand identity and collect detailed metadata.

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Easy integration
with your business

The flexible Callr API is tailor-made to integrate with any platform. Easy-to-use SDKs and clear tutorials make it easy to embed click-to-call functions on your site, or build perfect customer journeys with advanced call flow. Find ready-made recipes for your use case, then deploy worldwide, with phone numbers in 70+ countries.



Connect calls directly through your platform, so you never get cut out of the conversation, making it easy to understand and monetize transactions.

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Numbers Worldwide


Order and deploy numbers directly to the markets where you operate, with fully compliant coverage in 70+ countries.

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Call Flows

Call Flows

Mix and match features to create the perfect experience for your callers, with serverless scripts that require no infrastructure to run.

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API Integration

API Integration

Launch fast with ready-made recipes for your use case and build seamless integrations with extensive API documentation and tutorials.

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“ We need to show clients how many inbound calls come from Zenchef. With Callr, that’s easy, with no time wasted on manual processes. ”

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